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Planet Chemicals Pte Ltd was established with the purpose of identifying specialty chemicals typically supplied by chemical companies from Europe and the Americas and having these replaced by products manufactured in lower cost countries in Asia, such as China and India. The value which we add to the supply chain is the on the ground evaluation of production facilities in these countries, working only with production facilities that offer very competitive cost structures without compromising on lot to lot quality consistency. Where appropriate, we do also provide technological inputs to these plants to help them improve their product quality or process capability. In some cases we also buy up production capacities from plants and assume responsibility for the maintenance of product quality as well as selling of the plant capacity.
The founding members of planet chemicals have extensive general management experience with global 500 multi-national corporations and with sound knowledge of the chemicals industry in Asia. Through their diligent screening of numerous chemical manufacturing facilities in Asia, they have developed strategic partnerships with many of the best run chemical plants as well as developed technical support centres all over Asia to ensure that products bearing the planet chemicals brand are not in any way inferior in quality to the western made equivalent products.

Address Planet Chemicals Pte Ltd
5 Toh Guan East Road
Singapore 608831, Singapore
Phone +65-68726291
Fax +65-68725655
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Homepage www.planetchem.com

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