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BEYO Chemical Co., Ltd.

BEYO CHEMICAL CO., LTD. is a private joint-stock company in China. We have successful experiences in prompting projects from R&D stage to hundreds of mts industrial scale. The main products include Flame Retardants, Epoxy Resin & Powder Coatings, Disinfectants, Long Chain Series, Mano materials, Organic Intermediates and other fine chemicals. For several years development, BEYO CHEMICAL CO., LTD. has established good business relations with many world-class manufacturers and distributors in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, USA and Europe. Besides manufacturing and trading, BEYO CHEMICAL CO., LTD. also has an advanced Jet Mill process plant in Nanjing City. It has excellent performance in size degradation and grading. The yielded grains can be d97£¼5u and big grains are put under strict control. For choice on BEYO"s products, you choice Quality, Service and Trust.
Company Type: Bulk chemical producer
BEYO Chemical Co., Ltd. offers 6 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address BEYO Chemical Co., Ltd.
11F-15 TianFeng Bldg., No.26 Hongwu Road
Nanjing, 210005, P.R.China
Phone +86-25-8473 0627 / 8473 0637
Fax +86-25-8473 0697
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Sales contact Mr. James Yang
Homepage www.beyochem.com

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