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Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries and Medical Appliances Corp. (SPIMACO)

SPIMACO is a leading pharmaceutical company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and operating internationally in more than 11 countries. SPIMACO is the only Saudi Local Manufacturing Company which is listed & quoted in the Saudi Stock Exchange. Our mission is committed to provide high quality pharmaceutical products according to international standards that earn the loyalty of its regional & international customers through internal development and strategic alliances to benefit its shareholders, employees, & society. We are also the first pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Saudi Arabia to obtain the ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 Certifications. Our activities include galenic development, manufacturing & marketing (promotion, sales, & distribution) of Rx and OTC in all solid forms, granulates slow-release forms, creams, ointments, gels, lotions, & suppositories. We do not only manufacture our owned-brand products but we also have licensing partners such as Eli Lilly, Schering Plough, Vifor, GSK, Pfizer, Aventis, Roche, BMS, Novartis, Biochemie, & Cilag to produce locally their products. Key Data: Turnover in 2004 = USD 155.200 Millions, 500 Employees in KSA, 150 Employees in the International Division, Scientific Offices in Cairo & Dubai, Subsidiary Company in Algeria, & Distribution Offices in Other Places.

Address Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries and Medical Appliances Corp. (SPIMACO)
PO Box 2597
Buraydah 51461, Al-Qassim, K. S. A., Saudi Arabia
Phone +9666 322 0011
Fax +9666 322 0010
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Sales contact Mr. Abdullah Al-Khuwaiter
Homepage www.spimaco.com.sa

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