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Polyram is Israel's leading manufacturer of engineering thermoplastic compounds for the automotive, electrical, irrigation, D.I.Y.P and construction industries. Established in 1986, Polyram has earned a reputation as a reliable, yet flexible, manufacturer able to meet every customer's specific need with guaranteed consistency and uniformity, no matter what batch size.

Polyram supplies both standard and customized thermoplastics in combinations of glass fibers, glass beads, and mineral fillers. The compounds are flame retardant, impact modified, heat stabilized, hydrolysis resistant, and UV stabilized, with a number of other modifications available upon request.

The company's R&D department brings to the market special, unique polymer compounds and provides creative solutions to customers' requests. Polyram conforms to the highest quality control standards such as ISO/TS16949, the internationally recognized standard of the automotive industry; NSF-61 & WRAS drinking water standards; and UL94 flammability standard.

Polyram is an independent, public company located in Ram-On, a village 20 minutes from Nazareth. The company's products are offered worldwide.

Address Polyram
Moshav Ram-On
19205, Israel
Phone +972 4 6599900
Fax +972 4 6499763
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