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AcceleDev was founded in April 2003 by Charlie Lewis, a former process research and development chemist at Bristol-Myers Squibb, and the Sigma-Aldrich Corporation. Since that time, Acceledev has built-up and further strengthened its comprehensive set of R&D, production and supply chain assets, located in both China and USA. This build-up includes both significant investment and key partnerships, which greatly strengthened the overall operations and broadened our capabilities. Some of these include AcceleDev R&D Co. Ltd in 2007, cGMP regulatory starting material production site Seagate-AcceleDev in 2010, and most recently our new USA research facility in 2012. In addition to these, we also continue to maintain our long term strategic integrated partnerships which give our customers an even wider range of supply flexibility. Each of our sites has a unique set of chemistry, analytical, and operations capabilities. Our customers deeply appreciate the range of options given to them. AcceleDev core expertise is in the design, development and production of multistep synthetic pathways to unique and diverse wide range of chemical molecules. Our multinational US and China teams allow us to maximize all the advantages which can be gained from both regions

Address AcceleDev Chemical LLC
11 Deer Park Drive, Suite 119
Monmouth Junction, NJ, 08852, USA
Phone +1-862-239-1524
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