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Organica Feinchemie GmbH Wolfen

ORGANICA Feinchemie GmbH Wolfen is a independent company, founded in 1995. We manufacture pharmaceutical intermediates as well as photographic chemicals and speciality chemicals for optoelectronics. Thanks to our investments in state-of-the-art facilities, inherited know-how and alliances, we can offer competitive products that are manufactured under strict respect of environmental regulations.
Our manufacturing capabilities range from kilo-lab (cGMP) to pilot plant and to multi tons scale. Total reactor capacity is 85.000 liters. Usual processes include amidation, amination, halogenations, sulfonation, synthesis of heterocycles, oxidations, reductions and others.
ORGANICA is a ISO 9001 accredited plant. As we understand that client needs are always different, we welcome your custom synthesis enquiries from R&D, scaling up to full scale production and notification of new chemicals.
Company Type: Bulk chemical producer
Organica Feinchemie GmbH Wolfen offers 458 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address Organica Feinchemie GmbH Wolfen
Kunstseidestrasse 5
06766 Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany
Phone +49-(0)3494-39212-0
Fax +49-(0)3494-39212-11
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Sales contact Dr. Jörg Blumhoff
Homepage www.organica.de

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